Cashews are a 'Delicacy Food' for everyone in the world. Although Cashews are grown in many countries, Sri Lankan cashews comprise the very unique finest & inherent milky taste and therefore, Sri Lankan Cashews are called 'Ceylon Milky Cashew Nuts' in the World.

Mount Cashew - Ceylon Milky Cashew Nuts

Mount Cashew offers the Best Yields from the Fertile Cashew harvest grown in the Cashew Villages of Sri Lanka. We pack these Cashew Products to the Maximum Standards and deliver them to the Local and Foreign markets and always ensure that we provide 100% Premium Quality Products to our Customers.

We have initially started our business in 2021 & currently we are supplying our products to Super markets, Retails stores, Restaurants & Pharmacies in Sri Lanka.

We are providing various Flavors of Cashew Nuts by Standard Packaging with 100G, 200G, 500 G and 1KG and providing Bulk as well. Further we are Highly considering about the Client’s requirements and providing Services accordingly to them.


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Our objective
To Deliver the Premium Quality Cashew Nuts to The Local & Foreign Markets while maintaining Standard Requirements. And to establish Long Term Business Relationship with Local and International Customers by Providing Best Products with Sri Lankan Identity.


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Ensure to Deliver Flavorful, Healthy & Organic Products as to Delight Our Valuable Customers.


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Offering Best Products with High Quality Standards for a Reasonable Price to Our Valuable Customers Around the World by Winning their Hearts and Minds.

- Providing Best Products.
- Providing with High Quality Standards.
- Providing Fair Price.
- Maintaining Trustworthy.


M aking a Difference
O ptimism
U nity
N ature Friendly
T imelinesss


Hot N Spicy Cashew Nuts - 100g

Oven Cashew Nuts - 100g

Devilled Cashew Nuts - 500g

Oven Cashew Nuts - 500g

Curry Leaves Cashew Nuts - 500g

Salted Cashew Nuts - 500g



Mount Cashew

No.151B, Templer’s Road,
Mount Lavinia.
Sri Lanka.

Telephone: +94778481877